C'est Ici!

Posted: 22 November 2016

Storm Angus, Trump, French Presidential candidates....none of these really matter. The headlines in November 2016 are really about the new website of Camping du Quinquis - conceived, created and launched today in Le Pouldu, Brittany.

The campsite itself maybe closed for the winter but Camping du Quinquis is proud to open the digital gates of their brand new website - featuring 360 tours of their beautiful mobile homes, a virtual street tour of the campsite itself and most importantly, launching a real time, on-line booking facility.

Business Manager, Marlies Dez commented on the launch of the website saying, 'In just a few clicks, customers can browse and book their next holiday in this perfect corner of France. I've been looking forward to this day for quite a while and I love the new look.'

We hope that you do too.

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