Le Pouldu, 29360 Clohars-Carnoët, France


P1000887Wij zijn een familie-georiënteerde, rustige camping, maar tegelijkertijd willen we ook enige entertainment en sociale evenementen gedurende het hele seizoen bieden.

Maar verwacht geen grote animatie shows en degelijke...

Maar....., we do let our hair down from time to time. Read on........

  • Quiz Nights
    Quiz Image 1 Copy

    We love a good quiz at Quinquis and we insist on making our quizzes great fun as well as a bit of a challenge.

    We generally end up with a sing song round and there are always spot prizes with plenty of Haribos and other goodies on offer.

    Entry is always free and the prizes usually reflect this! However, the winners do get QUINQUIS PENS!

  • Moonlight Swim

    So, the pools are open from 1000 to 2000 every day but every 10 days or so we re-open the pools as night falls and BOY do the kids love it!

    Having a splashingly great time under stars with the pool lights on for 45 minutes seems to be the highlight of many holidays. It is also been known for the campsite manager to make an appearance at this event in his very best bikini.

    Nothing tops off a Moonlight Swim like a cup of steaming hot chocolate in the bar afterwards. We like our stats here and last season we used 4.6kgs of hot chocolate powder at these events.

  • Swimming Galas

    Another great pool event is our swimming galas. These are held on Friday afternoons for about an hour with mixed teams of all ages and sizes.

    Events include blowing a cork across the pool, diving for spoons on the pool floor against the clock and the silly dive competition.

    Great fun, very Hi De Hi ish but the kids here love doing it.

  • Karaoke

    From time to time we like to find who has real singing talent at Quinquis and our Karaoke nights has unearthed more than a few stars over the years.

    We usually start with the children but by 2300 the parents do like to hog the microphones.

    Our tradition here is to finish the night with everybody joining in with a mahoosive rendition of Don McLean's American Pie.

    There are a lot of verses so you can start learning the words now.....

  • Live Music
    Frog on The Tyne

    We love the occasional live music act at Quinquis and in the past we have had country bands, Breton singers, duos, classical guitarists to name a few.

    In recent years, we have been well entertained by FROG ON THE TYNE and given the campsite owners Geordie roots, finding a band that consists of a local French girl and a canny lad from Tyneside seems to be a match made just for us. 

    We have asked FOTT to come back next year and can et an early glimpse of FROG ON THE TYNE here or simply follow them on Facebook. Haway the chansons!

    We are also hoping to get Swing Magic back in the bar next season. This group is 2 guitarists of amazing quality playing a real mix of Eastern European and Gypsy inspired instrumentals

  • Silent Disco

    If you have never been to a Silent Disco let us give that experience. If you have been to one of our events before then you know how much fun they are.

    You hire a headset (3€), turn your lights on and then choose which of the 2 DJs you would like to listen/dance/sing to. Competition between the sad Dad music and the trendy stuff can be fierce and we always to try to play song requests too.

    There is nothing as strange as some fellow dancers doing Oops Upside Your Head whilst others are doing The Twist.

    Next event - Summer 2017!


  • Gym Classes

    Although you are on your hols many of you like to stay in shape so twice a week we offer a poolside gym class with Vincent - our local personal trainer.

    It is not a cardio-muscle-boxercise-spinning-body pump kind of class but it is certainly a class that we will test your core strength and raise a wee sweat.

    5€, 0930, Monday and Friday mornings.