Le Pouldu, 29360 Clohars-Carnoët, France


Het is niet onze bedoeling om veel sport activiteiten te verstrekken, maar eigenlijk als je kijkt rond de camping is er nogal een scala aan faciliteiten voor jong en oud ....

  • Football Tournaments

    We have a super football picth at Camping du Quinquis. Our gardener, keeps it in great condition and marks the white lines out each week.

    There is always a bunch of kids on the field having a kick about and our weekly Quinquis Football Tournaments are legendary. Usually held on Monday evenings, we host a soccer fest of lads, dads and daughters in a round robin competition that mixes up the ages and the abilities.

    Auntie Helen is our renowned scorer and time keeper enabling us to get through tournaments that, on occasion, have had more than 80 players. Within 2 hours though, the titles are decided and the winners will receive their special Quinquis medals.

    We have new medals for this year and the winners always go through to our end of season championship - usually held in December (haha)!

    Another feature of these events is the great viewing platform that is known on site as Rose Hill (rose as in 'pink wine' hill). Many a summer's evening entertainment starts on this hill with mums and families offering vocal encouragement to the players.

    We hope that you can join us.

  • Tennis court
    Tennis court

    We have a hard court tennis court at Camping du Quinquis which is located behind the swimming pools and bar.

    Racket and ball hire is available from reception and the court charge is 5€ an hour. Enthusiasts who wish to play every day can bulk buy sessions at a discount! 

  • Basketball court

    If footie isn't your thing then you can shoot a few baskets on our basketball court.

    (Actually, it is only 1/2 a court and 1 post but the kids seem to enjoy a dribble and basket shooting sessions.

  • Boules/Petanque

    We have always played a bit of boules at Quinquis so 2 years ago we built our own boules pitch. Some people call this a bouledrome or a boules piste but whatever the name, the boules 'area' is located alongside the bar and is the perfect place to indulge in the favourite Breton pastime.

    Many customers have their own boules but you can also borrow a set from the bar. We have regular boules tournaments which are often combined with Carole making crepes.

    The rules are very easy but the strategy and tactics are what make this game so intriguing.

  • Table Tennis
    DSC 0057

    Table tennis may have attracted new followers after the recent Olympics but Quinquis has long been a lover of table tennis and we have 3 tables located next door to the pools.

    During high season we often arrange table tennis knock out tournaments but if you just fancy a quick game or 3 then bats and balls are available from the bar.

  • Pool Table

    If the pool you fancy is on dry land rather than water based then we have a table in the tent behind the bar.

    This is 1 sports activity where we don't organise tournaments but there is always a 1st time.

  • Scrabble

    OK, OK, Scrabble isn't exactly a sport but my word, (geddit?) it is a serious activity here at Camping du Quinquis.

    The phenomenon began about 6 years ago when some regular guests started playing poolside. As with most things Quinquis, popularity spread when we organised weekly tournaments and then bought Scrabble sets and dictionaries for lending from the bar.

    The bar is regulalry home to half a dozen games going on with many of the kids challenging each other. Their spilling is knot alwyas grate but hey, you can't knock their enthusiasm!

    Anyone for double word score!

  • Man Hunt and Other Such Games

    We don't really know what this is all about but for years the children on site have played huge games ranging across the campsite which loosely involves 2 teams trying find and tag each others players.

    It is pretty much major outdoor hide and seek and always sounds and looks really good fun.