Local area

We have an informative booklet about the local area which you will receive when you arrive at the campsite. For now, you can browse through these pages of personal recommendations.

We make most of the recommendations here from our own personal exploration and experience of the area but many customer recommendations are also included.

We also have much more detailed information in reception on the opening times and prices of activities locally, when various markets are on and one-off special events around the area. Our colleagues in reception are always on hand to help you with queries.

Overview of the area around the campsite

ville close concarneau


29900 Concarneau

Sur la côte de la Cornouaille bretonne, Concarneau vous attend à environ 15 km à[…]

rivière Pont-aven proche camping Quinquis


29930 Pont-Aven

Lors de votre séjour au camping du Quinquis au cœur de Clohars Carnoët/ Le Pouldu,[…]

la Laita à Quimperlé


29300 Quimperlé

Quimperlé est une ville relativement grande où vous trouverez toutes sortes de services et de[…]

Plage de Kerfany à Moelan-sur-mer


29350 Moëlan-sur-Mer

Direction Moëlan et ses plages de Kerfany-les-Pins et Trenez où vous pourrez explorer les bunkers[…]

plage Guidel


56520 Guidel

Partez à la découverte de Guidel, joyau naturel du Morbihan est plus grande que Clohars-Carnoët[…]

Camping Du Quinquis : Port De Doelan, Le Quinquis, Camping Doelan Min



Vous arrivez à Doëlan, que vous connaissez comme le village de « Doc Martin »,[…]

village Clohars Carnoet



Pour vos besoins de vacances ou pour vous détendre, la destination du Finistère Sud et[…]

Le Pouldu et ses plages proche camping Quinquis

Le Pouldu

Le Pouldu

Au bout du fleuve Laïta, l’embouchure du Pouldu a accueilli de nombreux artistes, notamment le[…]

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Activities nearby

One of the great things about our local area is that you do not have spend loads of time in the car driving to places or activities.

Some of these activities don’t cost a centime but some should be booked in advance.

We are always on hand to make a reservation for you and to tell you the best times to go etc.


Location de kayak proche camping Quinquis

Canoë and kayak

There are a couple of options for canoeing locally. You can take the ferry from Pouldu to Guidel (1€ per person) and hire a canoe for an hour or two to mess around in the estuary. This is probably best for first timers and young families.

The other canoe experience is to paddle the Laita either from Quimperle to Pouldu or the other way round depending on the tide. Coming down river is our favourite as the changes in the landscape are more obvious.

The trip is 18kms and will take around 4 hours but you can stop and rest as much as you like. If the sun is shining, take plenty of water and sun cream. Book through reception.

We have sent hundreds of guests on this trip over the years so it must be good!

Peche à pied proximité camping Quinquins


Crabbing at Pouldu Port. It is great fun.

Crab nets are available from the hardware store in Clohars-Carnoet if you don’t have your own. Dangle a net in the water over the harbour with a tasty morsel tied to the bottom and you are guaranteed to haul out lots of crabs.

The best bit is then letting them go and having a crab race down the slipway. 

The river estuary at Le Pouldu is a gorgeous setting too and is lovely place to while away an hour or two.

Forest trail

Just up the road towards Quimperle there is a great 2 km walk through the forest with fitness/climbing apparatus every 100 metres or so.

If you can get the kids off site for an hour or two this is great fun.

Dads will not be able to resist the temptation to show the family how to do a real chin-up or scramble up the climbing wall.

Golf proche camping Le Quinquis


There are a couple of good golf courses nearby – Queven and Ploemeur Ocean.

Queven is a more forgiving course whilst you would be advised not to play with new balls at Ploemeur Ocean. We can book tee times from reception.

A day’s golf is around 45 euros. However, as a treat on holiday for dix huit troues (18 holes), why not?

location jet ski finistère sud

Jet ski

Now if somebody has a birthday or you really want to splash out, then just across the estuary from Pouldu Port is jet ski hire.

You can take a trip to the Ile de Groix or just hire a jet ski for an hour to go out to sea, with an instructor, to blast across the waves. You will need to be at least 16 to ride solo but kids can ride behind adults too. 

You will be given a wet suit, a life jacket and a safety talk in English before the instructor takes you down the river out to sea. Once there, you have free rein (within reason) to open the throttle and bound across the waves.

Reception can book this for you.

Camping Du Quinquis : High Ropes Course 58665 1280

Parc aventure le Poissont Volant

Discover the tree climbing area through numerous courses in the trees . The activity is available from 5 years and allows to progress at their own pace among different colors course, supervised by qualified instructors.

Camping Du Quinquis : Parc Animalier

Parc animalier du Quinquis

No this is not where the teenagers on site hang out but it is a small zoo just next door to the campsite.

Karl and his team will welcome you to wander around the small animal park at the end of our road where you can see the animals close up and usually feed the deer by hand.

Click here for more info on our doorstep zoo.

The animal park also has a lake where residents of Quinquis are welcome to fish for carp for the price of entrance to the zoo