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Head for Moëlan and its beaches of Kerfany-les-Pins and Trenez, where you can explore the German bunkers and take a number of walks along the coast.

Moëlan-sur-mer is just a 12-minute drive from our Le Quinquis campsite in Brittany’s South Finistère region. You’ll be won over by its indented coastline, small ports and family-friendly sandy beaches. Don’t hesitate to visit this historic site with its German bunkers and dolmens.

Tourist attractions in Moëlan-sur-Mer

Moëlan-sur-Mer is ideal for family vacations, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. Let yourself be seduced by the wild and peaceful beaches of Kerfany and Trénez. Both are ideal for families, as they are supervised during the summer months. You can combine business with pleasure by observing the two German bunkers on the beach at Trénez. These two bunkers were built to protect the Lorient submarine base, and it’s still possible to see the piers of the bridge that once gave access to the bunkers, thus immersing yourself in this historic Breton heritage.

Moëlan-sur-Mer boasts several small ports.

  • The port of Merrien, located on the Merrien peninsula, is a small, quiet marina. From the Maison des Douaniers, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of this natural heritage, with its preserved flora and fauna, and its water in shades of green and blue.
  • The port of Brigneau, formerly a fishing port, has been awarded the Port d’Intérêt Patrimonial label. Don’t miss this stop, where many coastal trails begin. It’s only a 17-minute drive from our campsite near Moelan Le Quinquis!
moelan sur mer

Photo credit: Erminig Gwenn on Visualhunt


Activities in and around Moëlan-sur-Mer

There’s no shortage of water sports activities in and around Moëlan-sur-Mer, with something for everyone.
Kayaking can be practised either on the sea or on the river, and there are several possible itineraries.
On the seaside, you can observe the Breton cliffs and beaches of Moëlan-sur-Mer. On the rias side, you’ll see small harbours and preserved flora and fauna.
Foreshore fishing is possible at low tide. You can find various shellfish by digging in the sand or looking under the rocks. Choose beaches with few visitors, such as the Questelan beach on the other side of the ria at Riec sur Belon.
For thrill-seekers, Kérou beach is an ideal spot for waves, and thus for Breton surfing. Located at the foot of the campsite in Clohars Carnoet, you can take private or group lessons, from beginners to advanced.

For walkers and hikers, Moëlan-sur-Mer is ideal, with its coastline, beaches and small ports. A stroll along the Belon river reveals all the facets of the Breton landscape. To observe the rich flora and fauna, take the coastal path. Dolmens can also be seen along the way.

On the river side, venture out on the Breton long-distance footpath (GR34) which runs alongside the Laïta between Clohars Carnoet and Guidel. During your stay in Guidel, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the valley and start your tour of Morbihan.

Advantages of staying at camping Le Quinquis

For your visit to the Quimperlé region, our campsite near Moelan is ideally located. It’s just a ten-minute drive from the city, in the heart of a privileged location on the Breton coast in south Finistère. Another advantage is that you’ll spend very little time in your car visiting the surrounding area, since our campsite is so close to everything. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to the full.
After a long day of sightseeing or hiking along the Belon, come and refresh yourself at Le Quinquis. Our Finistère campsite with swimming pool boasts no less than 3 heated pools as well as a jacuzzi and relaxation area for your enjoyment.

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